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Olympus OH100 Holder

Thank you for purchasing the H&Y Olympus magnetic filter holder. Please read the following instructions carefully before use. The information provided in these instructions are intended as a guide to help best use and understand the OH100 features 

Brief Introduction to the OH100 

  1. Alignment locating markers to prevent lens pushing through
  2. First filter locking screw to hold filter in position
  3. Scale for positioning the filter and marking off graduated line 
  4. Collar locking screw for securing holder to lens
  5. Metal strips for K-series filters to magnetically attach to holder
  6. Lens barrel adjustable arc and collar for securing holder to lens 

Step 1

Align the 4 locating pins of the holder and slide into the four recessed scoops of the lens hood

Step 2

Close the adjustable arc on lens barrel located behind the holder, making sure the screw overlaps the raised arch 

Step 3

Following the arrow direction in the image, tighten the locking screw making sure the holder stays in position, but do not over tighten. 

Step 4

Now that your square filter holder is in place, simply snap on your K-series filters with pre-installed magnetic frame

Step 5

The first filter can be carefully locked in place with screws located on the side of your holder. This helps secure against unintentional detachment from knocking the filter. 

Step 6

Stacking multiple filters is simple with the K-series system. Be careful when shooting at your widest as 2 or more filters will cause vignetting. 

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