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How To

If you are looking for resources and instructions for your H&Y products, look no further. We are constantly updating this page with helpful guidelines and tips on how to use your H&Y products.

Installing the FH100 to your Fujifilm XF 8-16mm lens

If you have purchased the FH100 K-series filter holder, follow these instructions on how to attach to your Fujifilm XF8-16mm lens. 

Installing the OH100 to your Olympus 7-14mm lens

If you have purchased the OH100 K-series filter holder, follow these instructions on how to attach to your Olympus 7-14mm lens.

Attaching K-series Magnetic Frame 

If you have purchased our magnetic frame to fit on your existing glass, this video will explain the process in how to attach the frames to your filters, ready to connect to our K-series holder. 

VND+CPL Numbered Marker Guide

Now that you have your REVORING, we want to address the physics and provide you with information on how these filters work. Some of you may witness a distinguishing blue 'X' when shooting at certain focal lengths. In addition, we have put together a simple guide on which number marker to select on your VND when shooting at different focal lengths.

Learn More about Graduated ND Filters

Graduated Neutral Density filters can be a little tricky to understand at first, however, once mastered, they become an essential tool for shooting landscape photography, helping you control your exposure on a day where lighting may prove difficult to manage. check out our simple guide and explanation behind the H&Y Magnetic Graduated Neutral Density Filter system. 

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