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We turn to Kickstarter and Indiegogo and bring the REVORING to life


Having such a unique and innovative idea like the REVORING in your head is like trying to keep a secret from your best friend. Keeping this technology under wraps while continuing to trial many, many samples, was incredibly tough and yet in the end, incredibly rewarding. 

The idea started back in 2017 when Kenny, the owner, strived to continue his quest in simplifying the way we attach filters to our cameras today. As the incredibly successful K-series magnetic system was about to come to market, it was time for Kenny to continue perfecting his idea on how a single filter might fit multiple thread size lenses. He had to find a way to variably adjust the thread on tiny filter, some of which only measure 3mm to 4mm thick, a tall feat! 

Mid 2018 approaches and after many hours were invested, putting sample after sample through its paces, the quest to make that 1 filter fit multiple lenses was fast becoming a reality. In achieving this, Kenny realized the impact it would have on the vast number of photographers around the world and how simple it would make selecting and using filters today, so the project gathered pace.  But to reach such a large audience, it was time to turn to more current methods and crowdfunding became a hot topic for H&Y. We had witnessed many established photographic brands launching products on the platforms such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, and for the most part, many succeeded and amassed a large number of backers, supporting their new product ideas. It was at this time, we had decided upon Kickstarter being the choice, followed by IndieGoGo. 

2018 comes to an end and 2019 begins with what is ultimately version 1 of the REVORING, it was at this time we called upon a very small handful of our amazing ambassadors for their expertise to test the product and give us the feedback. We determined from this round of testing that 2 products were starting to appear, the first being a REVORING step adapter that would allow customers to add a screw-in filter, like a circular polarizer, on the front of a lens and variably move between lenses. The 2nd product being an all in one Variable Neutral Density that would offer a dynamic range between ND3 and ND1000, with a built in Circular Polarizer, perfect for filmmakers and affordable without having to buy many step up rings or multiple neutral density filters. 

Now that there was a clear vision of the products, it was time to prepare for our campaign. Little were we to know that a pandemic was forming and preparing its assault on the world! As much as we all try to plan, some things are simply out of our control. So, we were forced to put the campaign on pause while we continued to perfect the REVORING and gather more content. As it turns out, the lockdown we all experienced gave us the time to generate what would go on to be the most successful filter accessory campaign in Kickstarter history. 

June 29th 2020, 1:58pm UK time.....everyone is biting their nails staring at each other with smiles ear to ear on a Zoom call. The countdown to go live was truly on, all of the hard work in designing the REVORING and gathering of the content, prepared and laid out one 1 single campaign page was about to be visible, and shared around the world.

At this point, and after an incredibly successful campaign, the rest is history and the REVORING is born! We were fortunate to have the trust of 4162 backers help us raise HK$ 4,793,465 (US$618,268) we also couldn't have achieved this without the support of many other people including Philip Bloom, Kaiman Wong, Falicia Smith and all of our H&Y Ambassadors. 

Until the next campaign and innovation.....

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Many of our products would not exist today if it were not for our amazing Ambassadors around the world. Check out their work with H&Y products and sign up yourself if you would like to join the family

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