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Kickstarter Heading For The Finishing Line


We are VERY excited to announce that another large shipment of REVORINGS and accessories arrived from the H&Y factory! In fact, if you filled in your Kickstarter and IndieGoGo survey up to February 15th, you will be part of the remaining group, patiently waiting for your shipment.

This means that we can confirm 99.9% of orders placed by backers who have completed surveys will be shipped by next week! There are exactly 25 remaining backers who filled in the survey after Feb 15th that we will work closely with to complete, but rest assured, they will be completed.

While this is an exciting time for us, and we’d love to celebrate, there is no time as we now move into manufacturing pre-orders from our website, distributors and dealers who are equally excited and patiently waiting to receive the REVORING products.

Our 3PL shipping partner will be receiving the inventory this Friday, after we have checked and counted the products. From here, they will begin to package up each of the remaining backer’s orders and begin shipping them out ASAP. We will then follow up with an email which will contain your tracking number and link.

We continue to thank you for your patience during this final part of our campaign process and we sincerely apologise for the delays some of you have experienced.

Head on over to the campaign page if you would like to ask any questions about your pledge directly:

Thank you from all of our team 

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