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Terje Nergård Nilssen


Specialises in: Landscape

Brand Ambassador - Terje Nergård Nilssen


My Name is Terje Nergård Nilssen, Im a Landscape photographer from Northern Norway, from a city called Harstad. I currently live in the beautiful Lofoten Island and before i moved here i lived 2 years in Svalbard close to the north pole. I started with photography in 2013 when i was studying natural resources at the university and we had this class called zoology which is basically a class where you study bugs, and there is a trillion similar bugs out there so i thought it was a good idea to buy a camera and photograph these bugs so i could remember them for my exams. From there my passion grew and i fell in love with landscape photography and the occasional portraits.

Terje Nergård Nilssen - Gallery

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Q&A session with Terje

What is your favourite location for taking pictures and why?

"My favorite place to take pictures is in the Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway. I love taking pictures there because you have everything from Mountainscape, seascapes, snow, light and wildlife. And the weather is often changing which makes it fun to shoot. you can be in a snowstorm one minute, then bathing in sunlight the next. So I know which there are incredible places in the world but I'm truly in love with this part of Sardinia, it's magic and incredible, simply beauty... small and so characteristic."

What is your greatest achievement in Photography?

"I never have entered a competition so my greatest achievement must be becoming an ambassador for H&Y filters so far in my young career."

What style of Photography do you specialise in most?

"I would say landscape for sure, that is what interest me the most, but i also do some portraits and animal photography."

What is your favourite camera or lens and why?

"the lens i use the most is 16-35mm. i like that the most because i can go closer to the ground and get some cool foregrounds with it and leading lines which is more difficult with a zoom lens."

What is the best picture you have taken using H&Y Filters?

"that must be my photo of the Mosel river in bremm, Germany. For that image i used a Tripod, my 16-35mm lens and the H&Y Soft Gnd 0.9 magnetic with a drop in Cpl filter. im very happy about this image because i have been dreaming of going to this place for some time and when i finally got to do it, i had everything i needed to get the perfect photo and the light was just right for it."

Products used by Terje Nergård Nilssen

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