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Richard Kefgen

United States

Specialises in: Traveling and All Round Photography

H&Y Ambassador - Richard Kefgen


I have been interested in photography since I was a little boy, going out with my neighbourhood friends, and shooting black and white photographs with my cherished Kodak Brownie film camera. We'd setup scenarios., it was a blast! That pretty much carried me through until young adulthood where I did macro photography work for the Orvis company's catalogue and newspapers from my home studio. From that I developed into a landscape photographer using Ektachrome slide film. I would present slide shows from Yellowstone and surrounding areas to Federation of Fly Fisherman and Trout Unlimited groups. I made the transition from slide film to digital format cameras. I really appreciate the creativity that the digital format allows, between capturing the image in camera and to final post editing software. Currently I am a photography instructor who enjoys leading photo walks and workshops. I am a Brand Ambassador for Vanguard and Vanguard Pro. I am a photography instructor for National Photography Workshops, Great Lakes Photo Adventures and also Brand Ambassador for Olympus Camera  

Richard Kefgen - Gallery

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Q&A session with Richard

What is your favourite location for taking pictures and why?

"Michigan - Four different season, Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall and we also have the the upper Peninsula"

What is your greatest achievement in Photography?

"I had 4 classes I taught at the 2019 Clickon event in Chicago where I had 160 students"

What style of Photography do you specialise in most?


What is your favourite camera or lens and why?

Answers coming soon!

What is the best picture you have taken using H&Y Filters?

Answers coming soon!

Products used by Paul

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