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Lisa Langell

United States

Specialises in: Wildlife Photography

H&Y Ambassador - Lisa Langell


Lisa Langell is a full-time, award-winning photographer whose work has appeared in numerous prestigious publications, galleries and more. Most recently, she was published on the front cover and wrote a feature article in Outdoor Photographer magazine. She currently sits on the Board of Directors for the North American Nature Photography Association. She is also an ambassador for Tamron and FotoPro.

Whether it was working as a master floral designer, a licensed psychologist, an university instructor, an international consultant in K-12 education, the Chief Business Development Officer of an education technology company, a researcher, a writer, or an artist—she enjoyed meeting each challenge. She applies the vast knowledge gained from those experiences to her photography, instruction and business.Through all of those experiences, photography remained a strong calling. This has been the case since childhood--when bird watching ignited her lifelong love of nature and the camera. In 2010, she turned her passion for photography into a business—and in 2015 she transitioned to photography full-time and left the corporate and consulting world behind.

The journey with photography has definitely been Lisa’s favorite venture – she loves combining her diverse background and skills into her photographic art and instruction. Bringing joy to others brings joy to her! She thrives on creating innovative learning experiences that enrich, invigorate and expand photographers’ minds emotionally, creatively and intellectually! She places high value upon honesty, integrity, care and concern for what she delivers to her clients and to the photographic community.

Lisa Langell - Gallery

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Q&A session with Lisa

What is your favourite location for taking pictures and why?

"Alaska: Alaska opens so many creative nature photography moments—from the wildlife, landscapes, rivers, glaciers, oceans, abstracts, people and more. It is my home away from home! I’ve made friendships, photographs and memories here through my work, workshops, and time spent in this great state."

What is your greatest achievement in Photography?

"I am grateful for so many of my achievements with photography—both big and small. The magazines, awards, publications and more all mean so much. That said, my greatest personal accomplishment is building my business for a decade—only to have a serious cancer diagnosis in August 2019 that required intensive treatments and prevented me from leading tours and shooting as much as I would have loved to do. Despite this personal challenge, I still managed to maintain and strengthen my business by offering webinar classes and other virtual events right up until April 2020 when I finished my last chemo treatment. It coincided with COVID-19 emerging and thankfully, I was well-positioned to continue the live webinars and more. I am so grateful that perseverance and hard, innovative work prevailed so that I could pivot my business, support my clients, and thrive despite the challenges on multiple levels."

What style of Photography do you specialise in most?

"I am a wildlife and nature photographer. I love the outdoors, yet I also love street photography, abstract and anything with an artistic, ethereal feel. I adore negative space and use it beautifully and abundantly in many of my photographs."

What is your favourite camera lens and why?

"For wildlife, I can’t go without my Tamron 150-600mm G2. It is phenomenal. So much so that I’ve given up the giant, heavy prime lenses in exchange for the quality, lightness and flexibility that this lens offers. When I am shooting landscapes or street scenes, it’s a tossup between the Tamron 15-30 G2 and the Tamron 35-150. Both offer exquisite clarity, image stabilization, and image quality that allow me to get just the right focal lengths for the perfect shot."

What is the best picture you have taken using H&Y Filters? 

"One of my favorite images to date is an image of Tempe Town Lake in Arizona, USA. It has a gorgeous monsoon cloud behind it and I love the color, city lights, and reflections in the the silky water. It was my first attempt at a long-exposure, 3-shot pano in quickly-changing light taken during the edge of twilight. I had a short window of time to execute the three successive shots required so that the light was even throughout the three images in the series. Given each shot was 25 seconds long and it took about 2 minutes to complete the series—all while the light was dissolving by the second--the shot had to be executed quickly while everything was full of dynamic color. The shot came out exactly the way I wanted it to look."

This was shot at: 35mm focal distance, 25-second exposure, f/7.1 at ISO 500

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