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Eugene Theron

United Kingdom

Specialises in: Landscape Photography

H&Y Ambassador - Eugene Theron


I’m Eugene Theron, a landscape photographer primarily focusing on the mountainous regions of the world.

I feel privileged to be based close to Snowdonia National Park in North Wales, one of the most dramatic and beautiful mountainous regions in the UK, and to be able to explore this unique landscape on a regular basis. Being in the mountains is my passion, whether it revolves around taking photographs, climbing, trekking or combining all three activities.

From reading a National Geographic article about Patagonia when I was a child, to seeing other photographers work, to taking part in all the mountain activities I love, I have always felt inspired by these remote and brooding landscapes. While these subjects are my primary photographic interest, I have also expanded my portfolio into other aspects of nature and the coastal environment.

Being a landscape photographer I have found that filters are an integral part of my setup. They allow me to have a lot of creative control in the field and facilitate my ability to generate a well-balanced image. I find that this makes the post processing workflow easier and less invasive, resulting in more authentic images.

Eugene Theron - Gallery

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Q&A session with Eugene

What is your favourite location for taking pictures and why?

"It’s got to be Snowdonia National Park here in North Wales. It’s a truly spectacular landscape with so many different aspects to it. I think I love it because it is hard to take good unique images. I quite like the challenge. There are a few classic shots to be had but finding something new or different takes a bit of effort, but can be very rewarding. Aside from that the walking and climbing is great!"

What is your greatest achievement in Photography?

"You know how to ask hard questions. From a success point of view, to date, I have never been accoladed in competitions or anything similar. My proudest moments in photography are when someone buys a print and I have the opportunity to see them hanging in their space. To me, seeing someone enjoy the art I create and that becoming part of their home or workplace is pretty special to me."

What style of Photography do you specialise in most?

"Definitely landscape photography, but I hold a special place for the mountains. If I had to put a tag on it, I’d say I was a mountain photographer."

What is your favourite camera lens and why?

"Hard to say, as I only have two. I love both of them but they serve different purposes. I mostly shoot with my Canon 16-35mm F4L though (I adapt this to Sony with the Sigma MC-11). This is a great lens for most landscapes that are expansive or require a prominent foreground. It’s sharp edge to edge and not too heavy (this is key when lugging camera gear up a mountain)."

What is the best picture you have taken using H&Y Filters? 

"That will be my image ‘Giants’. I took this image in January of 2019 in Snowdonia National Park. The shot is of Snowdon and Crib Goch (Red Ridge in English). These are two of the highest peaks in the area and are photographed reasonably regularly; I wanted something that was slightly different. Shooting a great landscape shot at 1pm is never easy. Luckily the combination of the sun dropping below the ridge on the left and some favourable cloud, I was able to create this image. 

I love this shot for many reasons but mostly for the arrangement of rocks simulating the peak above and the diagonal light glowing from the left. Once I had the composition, to get the effect I wanted I used two 3 stop soft graduated filters to balance the exposure of the sky to the lake. I didn’t want the whole foreground to be reflected so I used the polariser to remove some of the glare on the water and reveal the colourful pebbles below. The polariser has 1 stop of light reduction and this was used to slow the exposure down and smooth the water surface slightly. This, combined with a f/16 aperture, gave a shutter speed of 1s; enough to capture the scene and smooth the water, but just fast enough to not get too much movement in the clouds."

Products used by Eugene Theron

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