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Christian Ringer


Specialises in: Landscape and Lost Places

H&Y Ambassador - Christian Ringer


I am a passionate landscape photographer from Germany - born in 1976, in Amberg / Opf. and I’m very pleased and proud to be part of the Fujifilm family as X-Photographer. 

I love it - capturing the perfect moment and being in the right place at the right time. I love traveling to wonderful places in the world and the related adventures. 

My shots have been printed in many magazines, such as the National Geographic Traveler Magazine, journals, advertisements, or even bedding. In addition, I am also pleased, multiple award winners of national and international, highly recognized photo awards such. B. the Trierenberg Super Circuit or the SONY World Photography Award and much more. 

I carry out my workshops with great passion since 2009, in addition to the guided and completely organized groups of photo trips to the Arctic Circle, Lake Baikal, France -Brittany, France - Paris many locations in Germany like Berchtesgaden, Regensburg, Munich, Dresden etc. 

Since the middle of 2016 I am the official X-Photographer and official lecturer of the FUJIFILM School and therefore have a very great and strong partner by my side! For my landscape shots and workshops, I always use GND or/and ND filters to get what I want - a stunning image. Now I’m outside with the Laowa 17mm/f4 lens and with your H&Y filter holder.

Christian Ringer - Gallery

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Q&A session with Christian 

What is your favourite location for taking pictures and why?

"My favorite location to shot landscapes is Lofoten Island in Norway and Lake Baikal In Russia on our Plant. But im sure - the complete planet is it worth to shot!!!"

What is your greatest achievement in Photography?

"It’s my way from the beginning to be a photographer who sell some photo travels."

What style of Photography do you specialise in most?

"It’s the landscape photography - it’s so fantastic to be a part of it, outside in the nature."

What is your favourite camera lens and why?

"My fav cam is my Fujifilm GFX50r with the 23mm & 17mm lens. It’s unbelievable if you can see a high resolution landscape shot of it."

What is the best picture you have taken using H&Y Filters? 

"I was in January at the Lofoten Island and in February at Lake Baikal In Russia with the H&Y Filter Setup. I´m not finished with all of the files finishing… but a lot of them are already on the website HERE"

Products used by Christian Ringer

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