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Brand Ambassadors

“Great content doesn’t always come from within, but rather who you surround yourself with”. 

We believe in supporting our Ambassadors around the world, and as such, spend a great deal of time talking to them about current and new products. Not only do they help advocate the brand, they play an integral part in designing the future at H&Y. This means our R&D team are always receiving valuable feedback from the field to help shape the next great innovation.

Our Ambassadors

We work with a wide range of photographers, many of whom have travelled the world to some of the most incredible locations. They often document what many of us might never see in our lifetime, or, they can inspire us to travel! 

Integral to H&Y branding is how we place the products in your hands. From this, we can learn a great deal about our current and future products, and to do this, we partner with our talented Ambassadors by holding events around the world from up close and personal Instameets to workshops in conjunction with one of our many dealers. Be sure to monitor the dates or sign up to our newsletter to learn about upcoming events.

H&Y Ambassador Profiles

We are extremely proud to share some of the work from our Global Ambassadors and hope that you feel as inspired as we are.

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Interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador?

Do you travel the world and capture all of the secret beauty our world has to offer? Do you love using filters? Do you absolutely love sharing your work? Well, so do we! We would love to hear from you and explore the possibility of joining our family. 

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